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We love hearing back from the participants of our lectures. Below are a few words from well-known experts.
Dr. Michael Sonick invites you to read through them to learn more about our lectures in Fairfield, Connecticut, and other areas. Contact our office today at 203-644-5464 if you have questions or attend one of our academic lectures.


Expert Testimonial

Todd Williams

Healthcare and Hospitality Advisor 

Senior Learning Manager, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Vice President, Culture Development, Centura Health

"Dr. Sonick is that rare individual who serves heart-first, title second. He sees the patient before him as a human… someone who presents more than a clinical need; someone who needs to be addressed as a whole person. With a deep understanding that care is both a noun and a verb, Dr. Sonick puts his patients at ease by delivering the quality they expect, while effectively communicating the personal purpose that drives his work. His humble and genuine approach allows patients to both know and feel they are in the capable, caring hands of a fellow human. This book is an indispensable guide to creating human experiences that foster loyalty, alleviate worry and lift you far above the competition." 

bobby stuckey.png

Expert Testimonial

Bobby Stuckey

Partner and Master Sommelier - Frasca Hospitality Group

James Beard Award for Outstanding Service

"Dr. Michael Sonick’s book, Treating People Not Patients, is a much-needed treatise. As someone who has been in the hospitality industry, as well as written a TedX talk on the effects of hospitality, I often speak about how the needs in the medical and dental industry, as well as other industries, should also wear the yolk of hospitality upon their shoulders as much as any fine dining establishment.  Michael speaks to the core of this and how important it is. Putting an implant into an 18-year-old that has to last 60 years is wildly more important than a Friday night reservation. I can only hope that Michael’s book will inspire other health care providers to see it as people first, not patient first industry.  We would all be the beneficiaries."


Expert Testimonial
Dr. Maurice Salama,
Founder, Dental XP

Dr. Sonick is a master clinician and an outstanding teacher. Interacting with Mike at his teaching facility is a treat and experience not to be missed. His programs are enlightening and will inspire you to become a better dentist.


Expert Testimonial
H. Kendall Beacham
NYU College of Dentistry

Dr. Sonick has been a significant contributor to our global continuing dental education for the past 14 years. His programs are always organized. motivational and relevant to today’s busy practitioner. Don’t miss any opportunity to learn from this true teacher! 


Expert Testimonial
Dr. Steve Rasner
Founder, Realizing the Dream

It is beyond rare to find a clinician with the winning combination of clinical excellence and mastery of really connecting with the patients in our chairs. To have an expert like Mike Sonick write a book on this overlooked subject is both brilliant and fortunate.

A must-read!


Expert Testimonial

Dr. Kary Oberbrunner

Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author and CEO of Igniting Souls Publishing Agency

"Dr. Michael Sonick’s book Treating People Not Patients takes customer experience to new heights. Through his own experience and examples, you'll discover a deep understanding of serving people, not just solving their problems. This book is an invaluable resource on practice management for anyone in dentistry, medicine, or business at large. By picking up a copy of this book you'll be on track to offering the best possible experience for your patients and the people on your team. It's a commitment to success and high achievement for you and your practice."


Expert Testimonial

Newton Cardoso DMD

Director New Clinic, San Paulo, Brazil

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike Sonick since 1993. Mike is not only a great dentist but a great teacher and communicator as well. Above all, he is a great person. His teaching center is making a significant contribution to continuing dental education worldwide. It is my hope that many dentists will take advantage of his teachings. I know that his courses are inspiring, for he has been an inspiration to me." 


Expert Testimonial

Mark Lachs MD

Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine

Director of Geriatric Medicine, New York Presbyterian Health Care

"I was told in medical school that “bedside manner” could not be taught.   This book, written by a master clinician educator, completely dispelled that myth for me.  Even the most experienced practitioner cannot truly be a healer without a personal connection to his or her patient.  Michael teaches us that this connection begins even before the medical encounter and extends until well after it is over.  A must for anyone who cares for patients in any capacity."


Expert Testimonial

Robert A. Faiella, D.M.D., M.M.Sc., M.B.A.

Past President, American Dental Association

"Dr. Sonick has captured the bellwether of success in administering clinical practice.  Through his vast experience, his learnings are shared through anecdotes, personal reflection, and strategic communication skills necessary to engage the binding trust that creates subjective value for our patients.  These are concepts that would ordinarily take many years to discover and appreciate."


Expert Testimonial

Jack Mitchell 

Mitchells | Richards | Wilkes | Marios

"Michael Sonick’s book Treating People, Not Patients is music to my ears. As the author of books (Hug Your Customers and Hug Your People) on this very important topic of personalizing customer service, I have first-hand experience with the benefits of a customer-centric mentality. 
With over 50 years of experience in the luxury retail business and extensive participation on a hospital board of directors, I have been a proponent of listening, learning, and responding to what the customer desires. 
I am acutely aware this personalization is often missing in the healthcare industry. Dr. Mike Sonick’s book is a great read with a message that should be heard by all."


Expert Testimonial

Wiley Bell 

Partner and Managing Director, Head of the Healthcare Practice

L.E.K. Consulting

"Mike Sonick has created a book that quite simply is irresistibly compelling.  Who would have thought that out of the pen of a periodontist, of all people, would come a piece of work that feels spontaneous, approachable, readable, personable, educational, and inspirational?  It is sweeping in scope bringing in findings and insights from his mentors, business leaders, philosophers, and ordinary people.  It is practical, providing applications for all types of businesses and individuals.  Mike’s book celebrates the axiom that, in the end, it’s all about relationships, and by the end of this extraordinary story, and that’s what it is, I learned a great deal about relationships, about healthcare, about dentistry, about Mike, and about myself.  This is a book about finding your “unique ability” and about being honest.  Not a bad way to live, and I am happy to call Mike my friend."

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